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The Ultimate PPC Audit Guide

Conducting a proper PPC audit is essential for businesses that use platforms like Google Ads. Successful PPC advertising depends on making adjustments and eliminating internal mistakes to achieve the highest possible ROI. The benefits of a PPC audit could include: 

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Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts: Which is Best?

For years, organic reach on Facebook has been declining. In the past, companies could’ve reasonably expected to reach over 15% of their base with an organic post. Now, they’d be fortunate to achieve over 5%. This isn’t exactly, news, though. Businesses have experienced falling organic post engagement rates for years. It’s just reached the point now that many companies feel compelled to advertise on Facebook in order to garner positive impressions. There are two basic ways to advertise on Facebook: through traditional ads or by boosting posts. But which is better? In the Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts debate, which provides greater value? 

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Clutch.co: Leap Clixx is a Top Missouri B2B Company in Advertising and Marketing!

As a results-oriented inbound marketing agency, Leap Clixx has consistently delivered game-changing marketing strategies built around our clients’ goals. 

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4 Great Buyer Persona Questions to Ask Current Customers

For those who don’t know, a buyer persona is a fictitious representation of an ideal customer. Modern marketers use buyer personas to tailor marketing and advertising campaigns to match customer preferences and attract “ideal” leads. However, in order to form a buyer persona in the first place, businesses need to reach out to their current customer base for information. And the key to developing effective buyer personas often relates to the quality of questions a business chooses to ask in surveys and interviews. In short, businesses need to pose insightful, pertinent questions to determine what type of consumers are drawn to their brand and what they can do to cater to them further. Here, we’re going to list four different buyer persona questions that professionals can use to really get to know their customers, and ultimately, market more effectively to them as a result: 

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Page Views vs Visits: What’s the Difference?

Page views, page visits, clicks, sessions, unique sessions, unique visitors –– these almost synonymous terms can confuse anyone. However, it’s important for business owners to understand the difference between page views vs visits to their website because they do not mean exactly the same thing. And though the difference between the two might seem small, understanding it could help your business improve its marketing efforts.

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What Does the Future of Blogging Hold?

Blogging, in one form or another, has existed for nearly as long as the internet itself. And, much like the internet, the practice of blogging has changed a lot in that relatively short time span. It’s reasonable to expect blogging to continue to adapt in the coming years as well. But what does the future of blogging hold exactly? How will businesses utilize blog content over the next five, ten, or even twenty years? Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing for sure. Still, we’re going to offer our best guesses about how blogging will progress in the immediate future, so that you can plan with greater confidence now. Check out our predictions here:

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7 B2C Marketing Strategies that Will Deliver Results

In some ways, it’s never been easier for businesses to connect with consumers. Given the multitude of marketing strategies at their disposal, companies can engage with their customer base through a myriad of platforms and techniques. Yet, because business owners have so many options to choose from –– and because consumers are constantly bombarded with ads and marketing content –– making a genuine impression is often more difficult than it first appears. In order to help B2C business owners truly connect with important leads, today we’ve isolated seven B2C marketing strategies that are sure to deliver results. Check them out here:

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5 Bad SEO Practices to Avoid in 2019

Not every SEO strategy produces beneficial results. Though professionals may not realize it, certain SEO tactics can actually harm their website’s performance and ranking on search engines. These bad SEO practices may seem like easy ways to skirt the system or cut corners, but in reality they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Today we’ll explore the dark side of SEO and highlight five decisions that could cost your business:

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The Pros & Cons of Viral Marketing Techniques

Struggling to engage with consumers on social media is incredibly frustrating for business owners. Unfortunately, many businesses create content and advertisements that don’t resonate with their target audience. Still, it doesn’t make much sense to pursue a social-media strategy that fails to reach qualified leads. Given those facts, it’s hardly surprising that many businesses are beginning to introduce viral marketing techniques within their own campaigns. After all, effective viral marketing content boasts the potential to generate a huge number of impressions and inspire a surge in conversions and sales. But is there a downside to “going viral”? Here we’ll examine the pros and cons of viral marketing for small businesses and explain why it doesn’t always make sense.

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Are Bing Ads Worth it?

Google, like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s before it, is the undisputed king of its marketplace. To no one’s surprise, Google is the most widely-used search engine on the planet, and in the US, Google searches account for over 60% of all search-engine queries. Yet, businesses may find profitable opportunities advertising on alternative search engines, such as Bing. Are Bing Ads worth it? In short, yes, Bing Ads do offer certain advantages to Google Ads, and companies that rely on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising can use the platform to expand their reach. However, it’s generally unwise to use Bing Ads without also using Google. We’ll explain why below:

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