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We Breathe Inbound Marketing
and Exhale ROI

Leap Clixx delivers game-changing inbound marketing
campaigns built around the goals of your business.

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A Premier Inbound Marketing Agency

Here at Leap Clixx, we work with businesses everyday to help them reach their goals through a process called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a process for attracting more visitors to your website, more leads for your sales team, and more customers to fuel growth and maximize profits.

People have changed how they consume information, research products and services, and make purchasing decisions. The customer is now in control and they tune out the old-school advertising messages more than ever.

Today’s customer engages online with informative, non-salesy content targeted to their interests. Every single business will eventually be affected by this change. 

What we do as an inbound marketing agency is help businesses get off the sidelines and get their inbound marketing machine up and running. Our focus involves attracting the right kind of visitors to your website, converting those visitors into leads, and nurturing them to a sales qualified stage. We also provide several solutions that complement and enhance our marketing efforts.

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inboung marketing

Inbound Marketing

Leap Clixx dominates inbound. No matter what stage of the inbound marketing process you need help with, we can get it done. 



SEO is the perfect compliment for an effective inbound marketing strategy, and no one understands SEO like we do.



Utilizing Google AdWords, Leap Clixx will develop a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy that will get you instant traffic and results. 



Just because a visitor didn’t convert on the first visit doesn’t mean you should give up. Retargeting can be used to bring them back. 

How Inbound Marketing Works

There's a more effective way of marketing your business. We'll show you how.









Find Out How Inbound Works

See why our clients rated us 5 out of 5!

Photo of Mike Gross
Since we started working with their team we've been able to get our industry keywords ranking #1 on both Google and Bing for our website.

Mike Gross, VP Sales & Marketing

Photo of Barb Brooks
We no longer invest in outbound marketing tactics and rely solely on inbound marketing to grow our business now. Thanks Leap Clixx!

Barb Brooks, Executive Assistant

Photo of Patrick Kavanagh
Truly amazed at how focused Leap Clixx was during our entire onboarding process. We are already seeing results and are looking forward to even more leads and conversions as our web presence grows!

Patrick Kavanagh, Co-Founder

Photo of Nick Charveron
We’ve seen an increase in traffic of 300% since we got on board with Leap Clixx. They showed me a projected ROI worksheet when I first signed up and I thought the numbers seemed high at first but now I’m a believer. Keep up the great work guys!

Nick Charveron, Co-Founder

Photo of Doug McFarland
The amount of leads that my website has been generating has been amazing. I haven’t made a cold call in months. My current clients couldn’t be happier since I have more time to focus on them.

Doug McFarland, Founder

Photo of Marci DeArriba
Leap Clixx has done an excellent job of marketing our company online, improving our search engine rankings and has gone out of their way to make sure we're 100% satisfied.

Marci DeArriba, Marketing Manager

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Traditional marketing has changed in the modern world. Let's talk about how consumers are finding businesses today.

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