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3 Outstanding Real-World Social Media Campaign Ideas

Whether a business sells professional services to engineers or laptops to hard core gamers, the fact is that having a social media presence and profile is mandatory. But that’s not where the must-haves end. 

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The Pros and Cons of Facebook Advertising

Way back in 2007 when Facebook announced that it was entering the online advertising game, it was greeted with mixed reviews – and some flat out derision. Indeed, Gawker went as far to include Facebook ads on its list of the “Top 5 Fails of 2007” (in case you’re curious, the other 4 were:  Apple TV, Googlephone, DRM free music, and the Tesla Roadster).

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What is SMO?

Before looking at what is SMO (a.k.a. social media optimization), let’s take a step back and highlight something that every business needs to know -- especially those that incorrectly believe that social media isn’t a big deal, or that it’s a trend or fad that will fizzle out sooner or later.

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5 Steps to Neutralize Negativity in Social Media

It’s an increasingly common and frankly inevitable scenario: you’re sailing happily across the social media landscape, up-voting this and re-tweeting that, and it hits you: negativity in social media about YOUR company.

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5 Awesome Social Media Ideas that Really Work

When it comes to engaging customers on Facebook and elsewhere, there are two kinds of social media ideas: those that are awesome, and those that are awesome and actually WORK.

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Social Media: Another Way to Always Be Closing

When Alec Baldwin commanded the staggered real estate sales team at Glengarry Glen Ross to ALWAYS BE CLOSING, the last thing on his mind was posts and tweets – how could they know how much the sales process would transform in a film that came out 12 years before Facebook and 14 years before Twitter.

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Stop Wasting Time on Social Media Marketing: 19 Steps to Social ROI

Social media is so simple anyone can do it.

Wait, scratch that.

Social media is so simple anyone can do it wrong. Let's look at how you can stay in front of a social media blunder and create the kind of social media presence that can actually help your audience while promoting your brand.

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4 Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

In the digital marketing world, it may be the most frequent of all frequently asked questions – and it’s also among the most important: how do you attract more visitors to your website? 

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Which Social Media Site is Best for B2B Brands?

B2B companies face a tougher challenge than B2C companies, because their pool of potential customers is so much smaller. A B2C company can market to individuals from all walks of life on any platform, but B2B companies have to target very specific individuals: namely, the “decision makers.”

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Twitter vs. LinkedIn for Generating Leads Online

Social media is one of the most fascinating battlegrounds of 2015. This constantly changing environment has become overrun with ambitious companies looking to leverage their social media presence for profit. But nobody has quite figured out the best way to do that yet. And so, expect to see various companies experimenting with social media in the months to come. Some will have success… and others will have to fire their social media managers.

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