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3 Vital Questions to Ask Before You Hire an SEO Expert

For the average business owner, stepping into the field of search engine optimization (SEO) can be a daunting and difficult transition. Indeed, it’s one thing to recognize that your business needs a boost to improve its online presence; it’s quite another to have the expertise to actually achieve it. As such, simply finding the right SEO consultant can prove a frustrating task. Even knowing what to ask an SEO company is tough if you haven’t been keeping a close eye on the latest marketing trends. Still, if you want to ensure that you find the right SEO partner for your business, you need to vet the candidates properly. Here are three questions you should ask before you decide to hire an SEO expert:

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SEO for Dentists: How to Boost Your Rankings on Google

Virtually every business in every industry can benefit from improved search engine optimization (SEO) performance. At this point in time, it’s obvious to most small business owners that if they want to get noticed and increase their customer base, they need to prioritize their online presence. However, the key to SEO success is in the details. Understanding your business -– and your industry –– is essential if you’re going to craft an SEO strategy with any efficacy. With that in mind today we’re going to focus on SEO for dentists to display how professionals in this particular field can get the SEO edge they need. (Plus, small business owners in other areas of expertise will likely stand to learn a thing or two here as well.)

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The Definitive Guide to Generating SEO Leads

For many companies, the most important element to their long-term success is lead generation. Indeed, businesses these days take great care to determine where their leads come from and how best to generate new leads in the future. With that in mind today we’re going to focus on SEO leads: how your business can generate them, identify where they originated, and ensure that you give yourself an advantage over your competitors in this field. Consider this your definitive guide to generating SEO leads: 

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SEO vs SEM: The Key Difference Explained

Digital marketing is a fluid industry. Indeed, that’s an understatement. Given the way in which websites, companies, and search engines themselves fluctuate and change (in some cases over the course of a few days) it’s difficult to find any concept with staying power. SEO and SEM, however, are likely to last the test of time because they both deal with a fundamental element of digital-marketing success: getting websites to rank higher for search-engine results. After all, every business wants to rank high on Google and other search engines when customers go to search for their products or services. So it’s natural to wonder about SEO vs SEM pros and cons, and importantly, which is most effective plan for your business?

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3 Reasons to Explore SEO for Lawyers

Most lawyers probably don't relish the idea of having to market themselves. After all, attorneys feel most at home in the courtroom or working with their clients. So it’s probably no surprise that budgeting adequate time to nail down a branding strategy is difficult –– if not impossible for many lawyers. Still, marketing is an essential aspect of a lawyer’s business. Indeed, lawyers need to display themselves to their clients. Simply opening their doors and hoping the right type of client finds them is naive at best. The good news is, attorneys have plenty of options when they start a marketing campaign. And with that in mind, today we’re going to explain three reasons to explore SEO for lawyers:

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The 3 Most Overlooked Site Metrics –– And Why They Matter

Successful marketers combine a number of skills to craft the perfect strategy for their client. A successful marketing campaign is often equal parts art and science –– along with a healthy dose of intuition. While it’s relatively easy to determine if a given strategy is working or not, it’s often more difficult to determine how well it’s performing. That’s because whether due to inability or ignorance, plenty of companies don’t properly use site metrics to track their marketing data. And if they do, they only take a cursory glance. Today though, we’ll examine three key, yet overlooked, site metrics every business should track –– not only to review previous performance –– but also to improve future efforts:

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Home Page Optimization: What Your Website's Home Page Needs for SEO

Your website’s home page is the face you present to the rest of the world. As such, it’s important that you tailor it to reflect the best aspects of your company. This isn’t revolutionary stuff. Chances are, most businesses already understand that they need to make their home page engaging and easy-to-navigate. If it’s not, you’ll struggle to attract many visitors to your site, and those that do come won’t stay for long. However, a home page needs to beoptimized for search engines, as well as human visitors. And this can prove trickier. Fortunately, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff to show you exactly what you need to do to get the most from your home page optimization efforts:

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3 Practical and Potent Web Design Tips for Beginners

Are you facing the challenging — and perhaps daunting — task of launching (or re-launching) a new website for your business? Don’t sweat it. We have you covered. Here are the three most important things you need to know if your web design knowledge is limited or non-existent:

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There are best practices. And then there are BEST PRACTICES. The former are important. The latter are vital. And on today’s digital landscape where the population has long since exceed (cue “Dr. Evil” voice) one billion websites, in order to stand out and get remembered for all of the right reasons, B2B businesses need web design BEST PRACTICES.

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11 Steps to Change Domain Names Without Destroying your SEO Ranking

Many businesses want to change domain names, perhaps because a coveted domain is finally available, they want to consolidate multiple domains into a single digital property, or their current domain name is no longer (and may have never really been) aligned with your brand or offering.

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