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How to Increase Web Traffic

Posted on Oct 13, 2017 11:30:00 AM by Chans Weber

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It’s probably the most common — and maybe also the most exasperating — problem that businesses encounter as they navigate the online world: despite investing thousands of dollars and spending hundreds of hours, their website isn’t generating nearly enough traffic. In fact, the only people who seem to stop by on a regular basis are spammers. That’s like having a restaurant where most of the folks who stop by want to use the restroom or the phone.   

However, while this problem is widespread, it’s certainly not impossible to solve. Here at Leap Clixx, we have several case studies (go ahead and ask us for them!) that highlight how we’ve transformed our customers’ websites from a virtual wasteland, into a buzzing hub of activity. Here are some of the proven strategies and tactics in our playbook: 

  • Go from eyesore to eye-catching: most under-performing websites are in dire need of an overhaul when it comes to visuals and overall presentation values. Targeting and eliminating these vulnerabilities not only boosts web traffic, but it also increases time-on-site.
  • Improve UX: another key vulnerability that undermines website performance is bad user experience (UX). For example, the website loads slowly, doesn’t display properly on different browsers and devices, and it’s not simple, fast and easy for visitors to navigate and make contact. Resolving these flaws by incorporating engagement and conversion best practices makes a major difference. 
  • Optimize search visibility: most businesses have no idea what their search engine footprint looks like; or even that they have a search engine footprint! Indeed, a certain web page may rank relatively high for a specific keyword, while another is nowhere to be seen. Optimizing search visibility — which includes strategically choosing keywords and properly integrating them in URLs, web pages and blogs; pushing content across social media; and publishing content on credible and suitable off-site properties — will bring a website back from the dead as far as Google and Bing are concerned! 
  • Leveraging Inbound Marketing: getting traffic to a website is important — but it’s not the full story. For most businesses — and virtually all B2B businesses — expecting a transaction at the first touch point is unrealistic. Conversations, demos, presentations and proposals need to be part of the mix, and the sales cycle can last for weeks, months or in the case of some big ticket items like industrial equipment, even years. Leveraging inbound marketing is, without question, the best way and most affordable to automatically engage website visitors, agreeably usher them into nurture tracks, and advance them forward on the buyer’s journey.

The Bottom Line

The above are just some of the ways that we help our clients dramatically increase web traffic, which means more qualified leads in the pipeline — and ultimately, more sales and profits. In other words: we ensure that our customers’ websites are an asset, not a liability!

To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation. For more information on how to increase traffic and turn your website into a lead generation machine, download our FREE eBook:

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