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2017 Inbound Marketing MUST-DO List

Posted on Dec 14, 2016 11:30:00 AM by Samantha Shannon

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You surely know what a to-do list is, and chances are that you have several of them scattered around in digital and paper-based fashion -- anyone else have sticky notes everywhere?

However, there’s another type of task category that you may not be as familiar with: the MUST-DO. These are mission-critical activities and objectives that, as the term suggests, aren’t optional. They’re essential. In fact, they’re probably long overdue, and have been on your to-do list for a while. 

As you get set for a successful year, here are three suggestions for your 2017 Inbound Marketing MUST-DO list.

Inbound Marketing MUST-DO #1: Boost Your Website Security

Starting in January, Google’s Chrome browser will start warning people when they’re about to visit a web page that isn’t secure (i.e. when the connection is HTTP instead of HTTPS). As noted by PC World, Google’s plan is to start targeting web pages that have credit card and password fields. But eventually, it’ll be an across-the-web thing.

We strongly recommend that you get ahead of the curve and lock down your website with HTTPS. Even if visitors aren’t (yet) being warned about potential security vulnerabilities, Google’s plan is surely going to make plenty of people much more security aware than they were before. They’ll be looking for the “S” after HTTP, and if they don’t see it – regardless of whether Chrome or any other browser warns them – they might decide to back away from your website. That little “S” is a powerful letter.

Inbound Marketing MUST-DO #2: Conduct a Comprehensive Content Audit

You already know that on today’s business landscape, both B2C and B2B customers want and expect a consultative sales process. That is, they don’t want to be shown a price and told to “buy now” (because they don’t and won’t). Instead, they want to get educated, and ultimately make an informed buying decision – whether they’re purchasing a new laptop, partnering with an office relocation firm, or anything else. 

All of this means that your business needs to create and distribute a steady stream of great content. A comprehensive content audit lets you know if you’re checking all of the right boxes, or if you need to make some strategic adjustments – or risk falling behind your competitors.

Inbound Marketing MUST-DO #3: Check and Rebalance Your Mix

Just as good financial advisors regularly rebalance portfolios to ensure that allocation and risk variables are aligned with their clients’ objectives, it’s both necessary for you to check and rebalance your inbound marketing mix.

For example, you may be doing fine with SEM, but need to dial up your SEO. Or you may be firing on all cylinders as far as content goes, but your PPC and retargeting engine needs a tune up. The right mix will not just deliver the most impressive results, but you’ll get the most ROI for your spend. 

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To learn more about these inbound marketing MUST-DOs contact the Leap Clixx team today. Your consultation with us is free and we look forward to helping you make 2017 your most successful year ever!

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